Exclusive Buyer's Representation 

S.C. Law requires anyone buying and selling real estate to be given information how they are represented. SELLERS are represented by their Listing Company and sales associates when they sign the listing agreement.

BUYERS have not made a choice until they have signed into a written agreement (should be no cost, unless you are just "touring" the area and researching it). They are considered Customers and receive no advice, guidance and loyalty. Ask us and we provide that brochure for you.

We share your goals and take our business and representing you serious. We do more then find the right house for you. We help you select the right community, lot, home, lender and much more. Everything you need for a successful and smooth transaction. We are at your side beyond closing.

Only clients receive representation and guidance. Anyting a customer shares with a sales associates is not confidential under SC law. We'll explain how real estate works and how we can benefit you.

We have over 13+ years experience representing buyers and earned professional designations to prove it. Accredited Buyer Representative ABR and Certified New Homes Sales Professionals (CSP). When you buy a New Home or a Resale/Existing home we will represent your best interest.

You may not be aware that not all agents are REALTORS, and that all REALTORS are not created equal. There is a difference. We are REALTORS. Rosemarie is a Certified Residential Specialist CRS, which is the highest professional designation in residential sales. Advanced rigorous courses are required to be completed that the National Association of Realtors offers (at the expense and time of Realtors). Kirstin just completed her last requirement for the CRS designation. She should be awarded her CRS soon. We explain SC Agency Law and how it works.

We have excellent negotiating and contact writing skills, our experience and personal relocation experience are valueable. We have all the contacts you need for a smooth closing. We know the area, schools, and we help you get settled into your new community.

  • We focus on your needs and listen to what is important to you.
  • We'll show you any property on the market regardless of Listing Company and agent who represents the seller.
  • We can find land and help build your dream home.

    Only 4% of all licensed REALTORS in the US can call themselves a Certified Residential Specialist, the highest professional designation awarded and earned. 80% or more of all house sales are made by only 20% or less of the agents, Top Producers. We have a proven track record of success, years of experience, knowledge and outstanding negotiating skills. We are dependable and accessable. Please call or e-mail us so we can discuss your situation and needs. We look forward to hear from you.

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    Who Pays for the Purchaser's Closing Cost?

    When someone buys a home, they will have closing cost to pay at closing. Depending what the purchaser has saved up, what type of loan he/she gets, how good the credit score is and how high a loan amount is all that is considered for the closing cost.

    Many first time home buyers may have only a 3% down payment and no or littlemoney left for closing cost. Closing cost is mostly loan related, to name some cost Interest rates depend on your credit scores, so does the insurance. If you have poor credit, you may be able to get approved for a loan at a higher rate and a higher down payment. 100% financing is available to buyers with good credit scores. It eliminates PMI or MIP (private mortgage insurance). We are knowledgeable about financing, so call us if you are in the market for a house. We have the right loan and lender contact for you.

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  • Flood Certification
  • Appraisal
  • Title Search
  • Title Insurance
  • Home Owners Insurance
  • Attorney Fees

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