What they say about Rosemarie and Kirstin

"Rosemarie handled the sale of our house with exceptional skill and dedication. Her advice every step of the way was correct, highly professional and lead to that we sold the house at the asking price. Rosemarie took the stand of telling is the truth of what needed to be done to put our house in a sellable condition. To sell our house with Rosemarie's help was a pleasure and we highly recommend her."
The Jawerths

"I cannot recall a more stressful time in my life and the lives of our family. Being totally unfamiliar with Columbia, we had to place blind trust in someone. Rosemarie took the time before we started our search to ask questions. Better, she listened to the description of the house we had to sell due to our relocation and we wanted to find here. I am probably a hard person to please, as I knew what I wanted and nothing less. Rosemarie understood this. From our past experience with Realtors, Rosemarie is superb."
The Cunninghams

"I recently visited Columbia to look around nd decide where we want to live when we relocate. Never in my life have I been so overwhelmed with graciousness and a strong desire to assist me with my every need. SO many times in life you are confronted with people just doing a job. Rosemarie has devoted herself to service that is above and beyond the call of duty."
Traci DLC

"Rosemarie and Kirstin have been a tremendous asset to us throughout our move. Their market knowledge, intergrity, dependability, thoughtfulness and strong work ethic have been invaluable. They exceeded our exepectations continously throughout our move and have made it a positive experience."
Joe and Carrie

"To our delight Rosemarie & Kirstin was just what the doctor ordered. They understood the situation we were in, were extreemely patient with our reluctance not to committ too quickly since I had only 1 week house hunting. They spent an inordinate amount of time understanding our needs and wants and what we were trying to find in a home and community."
Cindy & Tim

"When buying our first home we found Rosemarie a very able, and especially very patient lady. I called on her various hours, early morning to late at night, and she was never upset, but always ready to help us. Her personality was always kind, friendly and gracious. We appreciate this lady."
Richard & Doreen

We have many more testimonials available upon request and on our other websites.

Personal Committment

December 4th, 2005 Rosemarie & Kirstin, It has been three months in our new home, and we are still fill with the excitement of owning our first home. Words can not describe the dedication and selfless service that you have shown us.

I contacted Rosemarie in reference to a house that she had listed, and by greatness we purchased our house in September with Rosemarie as our buying agent. She provided great service to me, not only as a great person, but as a greater American. Being a soldier in the Army, I did not have the opportunity, to conduct much person to person transaction. 

Nevertheless, as I was many states and miles away, Rosemarie provided the same quality service as if I was here in Columbia in person. Rosemarie added a sincere personal commitment to the purchase of our home. Rosemarie provided an ease to buying our house that would not be able to be match without her. A price could never be put on the quality service that Rosemarie provided to us. We were very selective on the house that we were searching for, and received 110% of that. And the service did not stop at closing' Thank you Rosemarie, Kirstin, and Peter for your service. You all will always be in our hearts. 
May God Bless,  (electronic signature) Tiffany and Quincy Busby,Columbia, SC

Rosemarie and Kirstin met more then my expectations

To Whom It May Concern: 
When I contacted Rosemarie and Kirstin Averhoff regarding the sell of two homes, I did not realize how lucky I was to be for choosing them. This mother and daughter team has more than met my expectations. 

While a sale of a home can be complicated in itself, it is more so when a parent is the one who will be leaving her home of 30 years due to illness. Rosemarie and Kirstin were, of course, very knowledgeable and helpful but they went beyond those bounds by being supportive to me in this emotional time. They took time to explain things to me sometimes several times. My mother's home sold quickly and effectively due to their diligence.
We are still in the process of selling my home after I relocated, and even though it is taking longer due to several factors, they have remained committed, understanding and patient. Their shoulders have been there for me to lean on, as I have come to trust and appreciate them as professionals and now friends. 

I will always remember that Rosemarie and Kirstin, a mother and daughter team, have helped another mother and daughter team to make a major transition much easier than expected. I cannot thank them enough, and will always suggest their real estate services.
Rachel Passailaigue

Rosemarie is a pleasure to do bussiness with. She is to be commended for her professionalism,courteousness and kindness. She was truly there for me every step of the way throughout my sale. I would highly recommend her as an outstanding and dedicated agent.
Monica Ferraro

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